Small Volume Line

Our flexible small volume line is available for lower volume assemblies and offers a quick turnaround time in production without compromising the quality of build.

This line consists of:

- GKG GL Fully Automatic Screen Printer.

- Autotronik BA389 Pick and Place Machine.

- WEC Board Handling Conveyors.

Click the link below to learn more about Autotronik

Autotronik BA389.jpg

Medium Volume Line

Our medium volume line also offers a quick turnaround in production time, but can handle a higher volume of builds per hour, giving us complete control over a wide range of volumes and product mixes.

- MPM Momentum 100 Screen Printer.

- JUKI KE3020V Pick and Place Machine with TR6 Matrix Tray Changer.

- HELLER 1707MK3 7 Zone Reflow Oven.

- WEC Board Loader, Offloader and Conveyor system.

"The KE-3020(V) is JUKI's latest leading-edge technology for improved flexibility and production quality. It supports both electronic and mechanical tape feeders and can handle boards up to 610 x 560 mm. With its multi-nozzle laser head, the KE-3020(V) can achieve a rated IPC9850 speed of 17,100 cph (9,470 with vision centering) and is capable of a component placement range from 01005 to 74 x 74 mm."

JUKI KE3020V.jpg

High Volume Line 1

This high volume line is more than capable of placing up to 75 000 Components per hour, with extreme accuracy and consistency.

- Speedline Accu-Flex Screen Printer.

- FUJI NXT1 6Module Pick and Place System, consisting of 4 x M3 Modules; 2 x M6 Modules and Tray Changer (Controlled by Fuji TRAX Verifier)

- Speedline Electrovert Omni-Flow 10 - 10 Zone Oven.

- In Line TRI TR7500 AOI, with good board/bad board seperator offloader and off line rework station.

- NUTEK Board handling equipment, including _ Bare Board loader, Magazine loader and Conveyor system.

FUJI NXT1 6Module.jpg


High Volume Line 2

This line is completely automated with all the necessary peripherals and a placement capacity of up to 156 000 components per hour, also with the great accuracy expected from these high-tech machines.

- MPM Momentum 100 Screen Printer.

- FUJI NXT3 Pick and Place System, Consisting of 6 x M6 Modules with Tray Changer. (Controlled by Fuji TRAX Verifier)

- HELLER 1707MK5 7 Zone Reflow Oven.

- WEC Board Loader, Offloader and Conveyor System.

USI Prism 500 Conformal Coater

The PRISM 500cc is a high performance selective conformal coating system with programable X-Y-Z motion and positioning for USI's spray valve and dispensing technology.


This system is used to apply a wide variety of conformal coatings including urethanes, acrylics, silicones, and UV curable materials to selected areas or printed circuit boards.

- Teach mode with laser pointer

- 4th axis (head rotate)

- Precision metering pump liquid delivery:

Superior process control. Flow rate independent of coating viscosity.

ZEVAm+ Selective Solder

Vitronics Soltec ZEVA M+ Selective solder machine. 

- High frequency, high speed drop jet fluxing, matching every cycle time and drop size requirement.

- Up to three full-size preheating units, including closed loop preheating during soldering.

- SmartTeach software (photo import) to enable fast set up and reliable recipes.

- Lead-free soldering.

Additional Equipment

- Offline Extra Eye Optical Inspection Machine.

- ARIES 300C Wave Solder Machine.

- Various Weller and Magnum Soldering/Hot Air Stations.